Ahinos seafront house is situated in Pollonia Village, at the north-west coast of Milos Island.  Pollonia, due to its beauty, is a popular location visited by thousands of travellers every year. The main port of Milos, as well as the airport, are about 10 kilometers away from Ahinos. Within walking distance from the house, about 300 meters away, you will find many restaurants and taverns. Additionally, the main beach of Pollonia is also 300 meters away. It consists of sand and it features a few trees that offer a natural shade. If you walk a little bit further south, you will find another smaller beach.

Walking from Ahinos towards the north, you will find the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. This is a picturesque place where you can take a few pictures. In general, the cape’s coastline at which Ahinos is situated, has an interesting wild beauty.  

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